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Whether you are a new entrepreneur finally starting up your dream business or you are an established business owner trying to maintain the success of your company, you should seek out an experienced business lawyer who can advise you on how to meet your legal obligations and protect your growing business.

The lawyers at Gunderson Law Group have been helping Mesa businesses of all types and sizes protect their interests for many years. Our experienced business lawyers are ready to help guide you through every stage of your business management, from the initial formation on through selling it or merging it with another business.

Services for Mesa Business Owners

The Gunderson Law Group offers a variety of legal services for businesses at any stage of their development. Our services include:
Helping business owners determine the right entity type for maximum benefits and protections for their business.
Filing the appropriate paperwork for the establishment of a business entity.
Drafting, reviewing and providing advice on documents such as operating agreements, buy-sell agreements, non-disclosure agreements, purchase contracts and more.
Designing a succession plan to ensure that the business either goes to intended family members or that it continues to meet the established goals after passing on.
Working with company ownership and other tax advisors to plan and implement tax-saving strategies.
Providing ongoing counsel for the continued successful operation of the business.
We can also serve as outside counsel in important business matters.

Determining the Right Business Entity

It is important that you determine the right business entity to set your business up for success right from the start. Our Mesa business lawyers will help you understand the differences between entities such as limited liability partnerships, family limited partnerships, corporations and more.

Each of these entities confers certain benefits, such as tax advantages and protections from liability. The right choice of entity depends on what kind of business you are opening, how large it is and how you plan to draw an income, among other things.

Our corporate attorneys will help you understand the obligations and benefits of each of these entity types and will counsel you on the best choice for your particular business.

On-going Business Needs

Once your business has been established, you need a business attorney who is willing to listen to the specific needs of your business and offer advice and assistance that fits those needs. The corporate attorneys at the Gunderson Law Group provide legal counsel and assistance to Mesa businesses of all types and sizes. We help businesses from small startups as well as large multi-, national corporations and even nonprofit organizations.

Those that sell consumer goods to those who offer professional services. Your business is too important to trust to online form documents or to other “experts” who offer a one-size –fits-all shortcut. You need to find experienced attorneys who understand the particular needs of your business. And who can work with your other business advisors to implement a sound legal strategy. The business lawyers at the Gunderson Law Group are committed to helping providing case-specific advice and assistance to Mesa businesses in order to protect their legal interest and maintain their success.

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