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    Professional Estate & Business Planning Attorneys
    Serving Las Vegas, NV

    Trust And Estate Administration Law Firm In Las Vegas

    Trust & Estate
    Administration Law Firm

    We provide expert assistance with asset collection and ensuring necessary income and estate taxes are filed. We also provide accounting to estate or trust beneficiaries.

    Last Wills And Testaments Probate Lawyers In Las Vegas

    Probate Lawyers For Last
    Wills And Testaments

    Probate lawyers, or estate attorneys, help clients fill their roles as administrators, personal representatives, or estate executors. Our Nevada probate lawyers at Gunderson Law Group can help!

    Revocable Living Trust And Asset Protection Attorneys In Las Vegas

    Revocable Living Trust &
    Asset Protection Attorneys

    Consult with our Nevada asset protection lawyers for help changing or terminating your revocable living trust. We can walk you through the process to ensure your assets are properly protected.

    Las Vegas Guardianship And Conservatorship Lawyers

    Guardianship And
    Conservatorship Lawyers

    When you need a court-ordered protective arrangement for a child or dependent adult, Gunderson Law Group is knowledgeable and experienced. Contact our Nevada guardianship lawyers to learn more!

    Experienced Lawyers In Elder Law And Long Term Care Planning In Las Vegas, NV

    Elder Law & Long
    Term Care Planning

    Elders should never be without a secure plan for their future. Let Gunderson Law Group help with planning for retirement, long-term care costs, and more.

    Gunderson Law Group Handles International Estate Planning And Offshore Trusts

    International Estate
    Planning & Offshore Trusts

    Gunderson Law Group can help you achieve the peace of mind you deserve through careful, thorough offshore trust and international estate planning. Schedule a consultation today!

    Our Nevada Estate Planning Attorneys Will Guide
    You Through Every Step Of The Process

    Contact Us

    Step 1: Contact Us

    Don’t attempt to figure out estate planning on your own. Reach out to Gunderson Law Group to take advantage of our training and experience through an initial consultation. We provide thorough, honest information so you can make an informed decision!

    Meet With An Attorney

    Step 2: Meet With An Attorney

    Once you reach out to us, a Nevada estate planning attorney will schedule a consultation to discuss your needs and goals. We will take time to listen and understand, and offer a variety of options available to you.

    Design A Plan For Your Case

    Step 3: Design A Plan For Your Case

    Once we have discussed your goals, options, and budget, we can begin to work together to make a plan for moving forward. We are on your side and will never push you to make a decision you are not ready to make.

    Flexible Legal Fees And Payment Options

    Step 4: Flexible Legal Fees & Payment Options

    Don’t let the financial stress of legal fees keep you from making an informed decision. We have you covered with a variety of payment plans and flexible legal fees so you can gain peace of mind without breaking the bank.

    Nevada Estate Planning Law Firm With Flexible Payment Options

    Making a plan in advance is the best way to ensure your property, belongings, and investments are allocated to the right place after your death. Our experienced Nevada estate planning lawyers at Gunderson Law Group are equipped to help you set up a will and trust, determine power of attorney, make health care directives, and designate beneficiaries for your finances.

    Estate Planning Law Firm With Flexible Payment Options For Full Representation

    Full Representation

    The most common form of estate planning that our Nevada will and trust law firm assists with is traditional plans. This includes wills and trusts, accumulation and distribution of financial assets, and allocation of other possessions.

    Estate Planning Law Firm With Payment Options For Full Representation With Fixed Fee

    Full Representation
    (Fixed Fee)

    Traditionally, lawyers charge fees based on the hours of work involved in a case. In fixed fee cases, clients enter an agreement to pay one fixed fee for our services, regardless of the amount of time and energy put into the case.

    Estate Planning Law Firm With Payment Options For Unbundled Legal Services

    Unbundled Legal

    With unbundled legal services, the client can pay as they go. If they only need a lawyer for part of their case, they can pay for just those services and then continue on their own to save money.

    Leading Asset Protection & Last Will Lawyers Serving Nevada

    Get The Right Legal Help For Trust & Estate Litigation Cases

    With a well-designed estate plan, you will be free to enjoy your property and possessions while you are alive, with peace of mind that your family and loved ones will be financially secure after you are no longer capable of handling your own affairs or have passed.

    Don’t try to plan your estate on your own. The experienced attorneys at Gunderson Law Group are available 24/7 to offer the assistance you need with comprehensive estate planning, will and trust preparation, safeguarding your assets, and more.

    Learn More About Asset Protection

    Our Clients’ Testimonials

    Nevada Estate Planning Attorneys With 5-Star Reviews
    Our Las Vegas State Planning Lawyers Have Five-Star Rated Reviews On Google
    Our Las Vegas State Planning Lawyers Have Five-Star Rated Reviews On Facebook
    Our Las Vegas State Planning Lawyers Have Five-Star Rated Reviews On Yelp
    Our Las Vegas State Planning Lawyers Have Five-Star Rated Reviews On Avvo
    American Immigration Lawyers Association
    AV Preeminent Peer Rated For Highest Level Of Professional Excellence
    A+ Rated By The Better Business Bureau
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    Adam Gunderson was very open, professional and friendly. I enjoyed how prompt he was with his email replies to my questions. I will not hesitate to work with him again, once the need arises.

    E. A. ★★★★★

    Very Happy with the level of service received. Adam and the whole staff we polite, professional and knowledgeable I highly recommend.

    C. C. ★★★★★

    They are always there when you need an advice. Thanks to Debbi and Adam. Great service!

    M. V. ★★★★★

    Other Types Of Legal Services We Provide

    Family And Employment Immigration Services In Las Vegas, NV

    Family & Employment
    Immigration Law Firm

    Gunderson Law Group helps individuals and families who are not citizens become permanent legal residents of the United States, whether through obtaining a Green Card based on specific family relationships or becoming a citizen.

    Corporate Law And Business Succession Planning Services In Las Vegas, NV

    Corporate Law & Business
    Succession Planning

    Succession planning for businesses involves the specific definition of exit-related objectives for the business owners and partners, along with creating a detailed strategy for takeover. Our lawyers will help you consider all personal, business, financial, legal, and taxation aspects.

    Legal Help And Liability Protection For Business Start-Ups

    Legal Help & Liability Protection
    For Business Start-Ups

    Contact Gunderson Law Group for expert guidance regarding protection of liabilities during a new business start-up. We can make sure the correct paperwork is completed and filed with the state, and identify potential loopholes or lawsuits.

    Why Choose Our Las Vegas Trust & Probate Lawyers

    Reliable Estate Planning For Families, Will Beneficiaries
    & Business Owners

    Anyone can benefit from a thorough, specific estate plan regarding finances and possessions, including beneficiaries, business owners, and more. Schedule an appointment with our legal team to discuss your questions and concerns, and learn more about preparing for your future.

    Lawyer Explaining Estate Planning For Families, Will Beneficiaries And Business Owners In Las Vegas, Nevada
    Legal Representation For Cases Involving Living Trusts In Las Vegas

    Probate Attorneys Providing Legal Representation
    For Cases Involving Living Trusts

    A living trust is set up during your lifetime to oversee the transfer and smooth transition of your assets after your death. You are the grantor of the trust and choose the beneficiary who will receive your assets. Our Nevada probate attorneys are ready to assist with this process.

    Professional Last Will Lawyers Experienced In Asset
    Protection & Estate Planning Matters

    Gunderson Law Group assists clients with the creation of a statutory document expressing their final wishes about their properties and assets for after their death. A last will and testament provides detailed instructions regarding the distribution and liquidation of the client’s remaining assets.

    Experienced Lawyer Working On Last Will, Asset Protection, And Estate Planning Matters In NV

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    Law Office In Las Vegas

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    Estate Planning Attorneys Near Winchester, NV
    Looking For An Estate Planning Attorney Near Winchester?
    Contact Our
    Lawyers Today

    We can help you resolve a variety of legal issues regarding the distribution of your possessions after your death.

    Probate Lawyers In Downtown Las Vegas
    Need A Probate Lawyer In Downtown Las Vegas?
    Call Our Estate
    Planning Law Firm

    We are a team of experienced Las Vegas estate planning attorneys who are ready to help you make a detailed plan.

    Asset Protection Lawyers In Spring Valley, NV
    Facing An Asset Protection Matter In Spring Valley?
    Our Attorneys
    Are Here To Help

    Don’t attempt to resolve an asset liability on your own. Contact our experienced attorneys for guidance.

    Experienced Attorneys Helping With Last Will Disputes In Sunrise Manor, NV
    Having A Last Will Dispute In Sunrise Manor?
    Get In Touch With Our
    Living Trust Attorneys

    Schedule a consultation with Gunderson Law Group to discuss a last will dispute. We are on your side.

    Estate Planning Lawyer In Paradise, NV
    Need An Estate Planning Lawyer In Paradise?
    Contact Our
    Law Firm Today

    Visit our Paradise estate planning lawyers to learn more about the process of preparing your last will and testament.

    Skilled Probate Attorneys In Henderson, NV
    Searching For A Probate Attorney In Henderson?
    Get In Touch With Our
    Living Trust Lawyers

    We are experienced and ready to help you create a living trust that protects your assets and provides peace of mind.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Estate Planning

    Attempting to draft a will on your own will likely result in some things getting forgotten or overlooked. Working with a qualified estate attorney will ensure all aspects are thoroughly considered and addressed. You will also get personalized advice based on your situation, wishes, and finances. Gunderson Law Group will guide you through the process with skill and confidence.
    If there is no established will when a person dies, their estate goes into probate, a legal process where the probate court uses state laws to determine how their finances and possessions are distributed. The probate process can take anywhere from a few months to a couple years depending on how complicated the situation and estate are.
    Even though a living trust helps cover some of your assets, it is wise to have a will in place as well. Through a will, you can name an executor of your property, provide detailed instructions for taxes and debts, and establish guardianship for minors. A trust simply puts the responsibility of asset management onto the shoulders of a specific person, called the trustor.
    No. Beneficiaries do not typically pay any income tax on property or money received through an inheritance. Some exceptions are retirement accounts, life insurance proceeds, or savings bond interest. Any money inherited from a 401k or IRA is taxable if it was tax deductible at the time of its contribution. Consult with an estate or probate lawyer to learn more about the effects of an inheritance on taxes.
    When you create a will or trust, you will be asked to appoint someone you trust to be the durable power of attorney. This person will be in charge of your affairs, property, and possessions should you no longer be able to make decisions for yourself. The power of attorney is often given to spouses or children, depending on the age of the person.
    There are several elements to consider as you prepare a successful estate plan with your attorney. You will need to create a will and trust for your estate, appoint a durable power of attorney, choose a healthcare power of attorney, make a living will or advance directives for medical decisions for your future, and designate beneficiaries for your possessions and finances.

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