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    Professional Estate & Business Planning Lawyers Serving Henderson, NV

    Trust And Estate Administration Law Firm Providing Services In Henderson

    Trust & Estate
    Administration Law Firm

    Working with an experienced Henderson estate planning lawyer is the best way to ensure that all of your assets are protected and prepared for an easy, legal transfer upon your death.

    Last Wills And Testaments Probate Lawyers Near Henderson, NV

    Probate Lawyers For Last
    Wills And Testaments

    Probate court can be time consuming and confusing. Our team of experienced Henderson probate lawyers can guide your family through the process and provide representation in court as needed.

    Revocable Living Trust And Asset Protection Attorneys In Henderson

    Revocable Living Trust &
    Asset Protection Attorneys

    You’ve spent your whole life working to build assets. Make sure they are protected and secure with the trusted legal guidance of a qualified attorney firm. We will listen to your needs and help you develop a plan.

    Henderson Guardianship And Conservatorship Lawyers

    Guardianship and
    Conservatorship Lawyers

    Care and custody of dependents in the event of an unexpected death can be a complicated and emotional issue. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your children are safe if the worst should happen.

    Elder Law And Long Term Care Planning Lawyers In Henderson, NV

    Elder Law & Long
    Term Care Planning

    Our experienced Henderson elder law attorneys can help you prepare legally for retirement. We can help you understand VA and Medicare benefits, handle asset protection, and more.

    Gunderson Law Group Handles International Estate Planning And Offshore Trusts

    International Estate
    Planning & Offshore Trusts

    Our firm practices immigration and international investment law, which puts us in a unique position to expertly guide clients through offshore trusts, international estate planning, and similar needs.

    Our Henderson Estate Planning Attorneys Will Walk
    You Through The Entire Process

    Contact Us

    Step 1: Contact Us

    Submit the contact form through our website or reach out to our office by phone to schedule your free, confidential consultation. Contacting our office is always free of obligation and a great way to learn more about our services and how we can help!

    Meet With An Attorney

    Step 2: Meet With An Attorney

    At your confidential consultation, you’ll meet with one of our trusted Henderson estate planning attorneys to review your situation. Your attorney will listen to your story, ask questions, and discuss some of the legal options you may have.

    Design A Plan For Your Case

    Step 3: Design A Plan For Your Case

    Once we’ve decided to work together, your attorney will develop a personalized roadmap for your legal needs. This can involve drafting a will, developing a trust, providing trusted legal advice, and much more, depending on your situation.

    Flexible Legal Fees And Payment Options

    Step 4: Flexible Legal Fees & Payment Options

    We want our clients to have access to experienced legal guidance without feeling overwhelmed at the cost, which is why we provide flexible payment options and different packages to help you obtain the legal help you need at an affordable cost.

    Estate Planning Law Firm In Henderson That Offers Flexible Payment Plans

    Asset protection, drafting a will or living trust, guardianship, and other estate planning services are an essential piece of your family’s financial future. Our Henderson estate planning firm is dedicated to providing the highest quality legal services for individuals, businesses, and families who want to ensure the security of their future through specialized legal services. We offer multiple packages and flexible payment plans to help make our legal guidance affordable for everyone.

    Estate Planning Law Firm With Flexible Payment Options For Full Representation

    Full Representation

    Our Henderson estate planning attorneys will bill you on an hourly basis as we work through your case and legal needs. At your first meeting, we will provide a time estimate and set an advance deposit amount that will be used to cover our work.

    Estate Planning Law Firm With Fixed Fees For Full Representation

    Full Representation
    (Fixed Fee)

    Once your attorney has met with you to design a plan for your case and worked through the details, we can quote you a fixed fee for the work that will be done on your behalf. This plan lets you know exactly what to expect and how much our services will cost.

    Estate Planning Law Firm With Payment Options For Unbundled Legal Services

    Unbundled Legal

    This flexible plan is perfect for businesses or individuals who want to work with our Henderson estate planning lawyers periodically to discuss legal strategy, review legal documents, and have their questions answered on an as-needed basis.

    Top-Rated Asset Protection & Last Will Lawyers Serving Henderson

    Find an Experienced Trust & Estate Litigation Attorney

    When an individual dies, their assets, which include their property, shares, business ownerships, and bank accounts, go through a process called estate administration. This can be a long and confusing legal process, depending on the circumstances and strength of their estate planning. State laws and procedures will vary dramatically.

    In these situations, working with an experienced Henderson probate lawyer can greatly ease the burden on your family and help your case move more quickly and smoothly through the process of asset administration. Call our firm today to obtain help with trust and estate litigation, set up a trust, and to protect your assets from probate court.

    Learn How To Protect Your Assets

    Our Clients’ Testimonials

    Corporate Estate Planning Law Firm With 5 Star Reviews

    Corporate Estate Planning Law Firm With Five-Star Rated Client Reviews On Google
    Corporate Estate Planning Law Firm With Five-Star Rated Client Reviews On Facebook
    Corporate Estate Planning Law Firm With Five-Star Rated Client Reviews On Yelp
    Corporate Estate Planning Law Firm With Five-Star Rated Client Reviews On Avvo
    American Immigration Lawyers Association
    AV Preeminent Peer Rated For Highest Level Of Professional Excellence
    A+ Rated By The Better Business Bureau
    Lawyers dot com

    Adam Gunderson was very open, professional and friendly. I enjoyed how prompt he was with his email replies to my questions. I will not hesitate to work with him again, once the need arises.

    E. A. ★★★★★

    Very Happy with the level of service received. Adam and the whole staff we polite, professional and knowledgeable I highly recommend.

    C. C. ★★★★★

    They are always there when you need an advice. Thanks to Debbi and Adam. Great service!

    M. V. ★★★★★

    Other Types Of Legal Services We Provide

    Immigration Services For Family And Employment In Henderson, NV

    Family & Employment Immigration Law Firm

    Obtaining a work visa and understanding the details of how to bring your family along can be confusing and overwhelming. Our firm has over 25 years of experience in immigration law and can simplify the process for you, your family, and your employees.

    Henderson Business Law And Succession Planning

    Corporate Law & Business Succession Planning

    We offer trusted estate planning services for businesses. This is a crucial step for business owners who want to protect their hard-earned assets and ensure a smooth transition for their business in the event of an unexpected death.

    Legal Help And Liability Protection For Business Start-Ups

    Legal Help & Liability Protection For Business Start-Ups

    Getting started with a new business is an exciting time! Our experienced Henderson business lawyers can help you understand how to protect yourself from liability, ensure legal compliance, and properly set up your business for success.

    Why Henderson Families Prefer Our Estate Planning Attorneys

    Reliable Estate Planning For Families, Beneficiaries
    & Business Owners

    Writing a last will, developing a trust, and preparing guardianship for your dependents is an essential part of planning for your financial future. Our experienced Henderson estate planning attorneys can help you understand your legal options, discuss how the law applies to your assets, and help you prepare for the future with confidence.

    Lawyer Explaining Family Estate Planning, Beneficiaries And Business Owners
    Living Trusts Probate Attorneys In Henderson, NV

    Probate Attorneys Providing Legal Representation
    For Cases Involving Living Trusts

    After someone dies, their estate and assets may go to probate court. This lengthy process can be especially challenging in the aftermath of a death and prevent your dependents from accessing the resources they need. Our Henderson probate attorneys can provide representation to simplify this process and properly plan your estate.

    Last Will & Testament Attorneys With Expertise
    In Asset Protection Matters

    Many people write their own will, but it may not be legally binding if it does not meet specific legal standards. Even a small unintentional error can negate your will, leaving your estate subject to probate court. Our Henderson asset protection lawyers can guide you through estate planning to protect your estate and assets.

    Last Will And Testament Attorneys Offering Guidance On Asset Protection

    Visit Our Estate Planning
    Law Office In Henderson

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    Our Probate Law Firm Serves All Neighborhoods In Henderson:

    Estate Planning Attorney Near MacDonald Highlands, Henderson

    Looking For An Estate Planning Attorney Near MacDonald Highlands?Contact Our Lawyers Today

    Our Henderson estate planning attorneys have over 25 years of experience in the field and can answer all of your questions!

    Consult With A Probate Lawyer Near Inspirada, Henderson

    Need A Probate Lawyer In Inspirada?Call Our Estate Planning Law Firm

    Get the experienced guidance and representation you need to help your case move through probate court.

    Lawyers For Asset Protection Matters In Candence, Henderson

    Facing An Asset Protection Matter In Candence?Our Attorneys Are Here To Help

    Our experienced Henderson asset protection attorneys are prepared to build a case on your behalf to resolve your dispute.

    Last Will Lawyers For Dispute In Seven Hills, Henderson

    Having A Last Will Dispute In Seven Hills?Get In Touch With Our Living Trust Attorneys

    You need an experienced Henderson probate litigation lawyer on your side who will fight for your rights and guide you through.

    Estate Planning Lawyers Offering Services Near Green Valley North, Henderson

    Need An Estate Planning Lawyer In Green Valley North?Contact Our Law Firm Today

    Gain peace of mind knowing that your family’s future is secure when you contact one of our Henderson estate planning attorneys today!

    Find A Probate Attorney Near Anthem, Henderson

    Searching For A Probate Attorney In Anthem?Get In Touch With Our Living Trust Lawyers

    Probate court is time consuming, emotional, and confusing. Let us guide you through the process and protect your family’s assets.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Estate Planning

    Many individuals plan to write their will themselves, or use a software to help them with the process. We strongly encourage everyone to work with an estate planning lawyer to ensure that their will is legally binding. Even a small, accidental error in a will can prevent it from standing up in court, leaving your estate vulnerable. Our Henderson estate planning lawyers will ensure that all aspects of your estate have been thoroughly addressed, your wishes are put into legally binding writing, and that your assets are completely protected. A legally binding will can mitigate family disputes and reduce your family’s tax burden as we use our knowledge and expertise to protect your best interests throughout the process.
    Generally speaking, your case will go through probate court to transfer your assets, but some situations are more complicated than others. Your assets will generally be inherited by your next of kin. This is known as intestate succession. If you are married, your spouse will inherit. If you are not married or were widowed, your assets will go to your children. If you are not married or do not have children, the situation will become more complicated, and probate court will divided your assets among living relatives. Writing a will can simplify the probate process and ensure your assets are transferred according to your desires. A trust can be a good option that protects your family’s privacy and avoids the probate process.
    If a person dies with a will, their assets will still need to go through probate court in order to be transferred. With a living trust, probate can be avoided and your family’s privacy will be protected. If you have a living trust established, you may not need to draft a will. However, your Henderson living trust attorney will discuss your situation in depth, answer your questions, and provide legal guidance on how to best protect your assets and your wishes.
    The inheritance itself is not considered income and is not subject to taxation, but any subsequent earnings that you receive on inherited assets can be taxable. Understanding all of the nuances and exceptions of inheritance law can be complicated, especially in the aftermath of an unexpected death. One of the advantages of setting up a living trust or writing a last will and testament with an experienced Henderson living trust lawyer is that your estate can be inherited in a way that reduces tax burdens, such as a gift or estate tax. This is especially beneficial if you have high value assets or are transferring business shares, investments, and other sources of income.
    In the realm of trusts and estates, a durable power of attorney is a legal tool that empowers a designated agent to make financial and legal decisions on behalf of the principal, even in cases of incapacitation. This document ensures seamless management of financial affairs, property, and estate matters, such as asset management, bill payments, and estate planning, when the principal is unable to do so. The agent’s authority and responsibilities are defined within the document, making it an integral component of comprehensive estate planning for effective management of assets and affairs.
    Your Henderson estate planning lawyer will provide a variety of points for you to consider as you develop your will, advance healthcare directive, durable power of attorney, living trust, and other key pieces of estate planning documentation. Your attorney will need to know the value of your assets, what assets you have (such as shares, investments, bank accounts, retirement accounts, and property), the names of key people in your life who may be well suited to becoming your power of attorney or taking another role in your estate management after your death, and other information so that they can best plan your estate on your behalf

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