5 Tips for Choosing a Guardian for your Child

Things To Consider When Choosing Your Child’s Guardianship

For parents of minor children, thinking about who to appoint as a guardian in the event of your death or incapacity can cause a lot of anxiety. There are countless factors that your Arizona guardianship lawyer wants you to consider, and you and your partner may disagree at times. Here are a few tips to help you make this difficult decision and have some peace of mind.

1. Write it Out

Before consulting with your Arizona estate planning lawyer, it’s important to make a list and discuss with your partner when you have plenty of time to think and talk. You do not need to make a decision in one day, but keep the conversation open.

There are a few ways to do this. You can start by making a list of people in your lives that you may consider to be a guardian and work from there. Or you and your partner may want to consider making a list of values that you hope your guardian will hold and then from there choose people who exemplify those values. You may find that someone who was not originally on your list is a great fit for your family.

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2. Look at the Big Picture

Consider the values of those around you. You may want to take religion, parenting style, morals, education views, or other values into consideration.

You can make a pros/cons list for each of the potential guardians on your list and determine whether or not you feel that they will be a good fit to be the guardian for your child. As Arizona guardianship attorneys, we know how critical this decision can be, and it’s important to us that you know you are making the right choice.

3. Think about Splitting up the Duties

Realize that a guardian doesn’t have to take over all major responsibilities. You may choose 1 to handle the finances. Splitting up the duties may give you peace of mind as you decide.

Do you have a family member that would be a loving guardian, but may not be the best at managing money? And another family member who is great with numbers, but may not have the same parenting style as you? You can definitely consider splitting up the guardianship and financial duties.

4. Think of the Logistics

Take a few things into consideration beyond their values – where do they live? How’s their health? Are they financially stable?

Though some things may change after you finalize your estate plan with your Mesa estate planning lawyer, it’s wise to consider all of the factors. Remember, you can update your estate plan at any time if you would like.

5. Don’t Let Anyone Else Decide for You

Choosing the person that you feel that society (or some other entity) would have you choose may leave you feeling unsettled. Allow yourself the peace of mind that you’ve selected the right person for your family. This decision is extremely personal and complicated.

Gunderson Law Group has years of experience with helping families plan ahead. We can help you finalize your decisions and put them in writing to ensure that your wishes are made known. Contact Gunderson Law Group today by calling or emailing us to set up a time to talk with one of our experienced Mesa estate planning attorneys.


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